Ostrvica – Everyday Things with an Intriguing Story

ostrvica_local detail on the house

Walking down the streets of the Island of Krk simply cannot be dull! You’ll likely to bump into stone structures which at first look intriguing and beautiful, when in fact they were very important tools used in every-day life, years and years ago.

Remember that stone container Kamenica full of flowers which you can see in almost every old part of the towns on the...

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Top 5 Beaches on the Island of Krk


They are different, sometimes wild, sometimes urban or with benefits for health. The beaches of the Island of Krk are most welcoming points of interest on the island and each has a story of its own: rocky or pebbly, sandy or muddy, urban or hidden. Different, attractive, inviting, white yet blue. Ideal for picnic or fishing, snorkeling or diving, boat riding, sunbathing or sun burning, for...

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Where to Eat Scampi on the Island of Krk

Scampi Langoustine

Here is some basic introduction into the origin of Kvarner scampi (or langoustine) first. Scientific analysis has shown Kvarner scampi which can be found around the Island of Krk originate in Norway. The Kvarner langoustine has a pale orange colour, a thin crust and it is different to the Dalmatian one which is almost white. The imported scampis from Norway you can find in grocery stores on...

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St. Grgur Island

st.Grgur Iasland

Even from a distance, the verdant green of St. Grgur shows why it is considered the greenest island. The large triangle in the green landscape can be seen from a great distance and it represents the hard labor of female convicts who constructed a water tank for rainwater. Also present is a large inscription which spells "Tito" and it dates from the times when the island housed a female...

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Island of Plavnik- the Blue Island

Plavnik Island Boat

The Island of Plavnik, visible from the entrance of Punat Bay and the city of Krk, looks just like a large whale: its head is a 194 metre high hill, and its tail is only a few metres above the sea level. The name Plavnik derives from the croatian word "Plav" meaning blue and referring to the dark blue colour of the deep sea surrounding the island. Should you be intrigued to see it from up...

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Goli otok – Abandoned Croatian Alcatraz


Goli otok is located at the foot of the tall peaks of the Velebit mountain between the two most popular tourist islands Krk and Rab. Right next to Goli otok is the island of Grgur – a former prison for women. In former Yugoslavia Goli otok was a prison for men, political prisoners, and later criminals. The island was abandoned in 1989 and has been open to visitors ever since.

The island...

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5 Things To Do in the Wine Land of Vrbnik


Winter is finally leaving us and it's time to replace our comfy couch with sunny days! Have you started thinking about where to escape on your spring break? Or even summer vacation yet? Let us inspire you with a couple of ideas.

When given a choice, I always find myself leaning towards a more peaceful and lazy vacation with no physical effort required at all! If you are also the type of...

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Wine from the Depths of the Sea

Žlahtina Wine Vrbnik

Once upon a time, a local wine producer from Vrbnik was looking out of the window of his house perched on the top of a cliff. He looked at the sea, then down at the golden wine in his glass, then back at the sea. The two things he loved the most were right there in front of his ideas. They just needed to marry to produce a child that will make him famous.

As you may guess, he thought of the...

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Baška – Top Things to Experience


Baška is a symbol of tourism on the island of Krk and a symbol for beautiful beaches in Croatia.  It is the most famous tourist destination on the island of Krk, but it is also one of the most desirable tourist destinations of the Croatian Adriatic.

Photo by Damir Jevtić / Baška Tourist Board 

Baška tablet, Oldest...

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