Dolphins on the Island of Krk

Driving through the island of Krk, you will probably notice a sheep or two grazing by the road. If you are driving during the night, you might see a hare or a fox looking at you from the side of the road.  But don’t think this is as exciting as it gets when it comes to the wildlife on Krk.

To see the most exciting animal on the Island of Krk, you will have to go out to the sea. Why? Because the area around the Island of Krk is inhabited by around 100 bottlenose dolphins. Have you ever seen an actual dolphin swimming freely? Since the aquariums don’t count, it’s time you do! This experience will undoubtedly be one of the most unforgettable ones have on the island of Krk.


This marine mammal is a fantastic, intelligent and social animal. Dolphins like the area of the island of Krk because of the warm temperature of the sea and the abundance of fish. Bottlenose dolphins living in this area are endangered although 100 might seem like a large number. The bond between a mother dolphin and her offspring is strong. A calf typically spends 3 to 5 years close to mom. After the separation from the mother dolphin, young dolphins often team up into smaller groups (pods). Such groups of “teenagers” are the most interesting to see during an Island Cruise or a Swimming Cruise, since they readily approach boats. Also they often jump or surf on bow waves. Have a look at the video filmed during the Island Cruise with the boat Lenica where we came across a pod of dolphins.

Since bottle-nosed dolphins breathe by inhaling air, they have to come up to the sea surface periodically. It is a brilliant opportunity to spot them. They are, however, able to stay underwater for 4-5 minutes while searching for food, so enjoy the view while it lasts since it is possible to easily loose sight of them!

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