Baška – Top Things to Experience

Baška is a symbol of tourism on the island of Krk and a symbol for beautiful beaches in Croatia.  It is the most famous tourist destination on the island of Krk, but it is also one of the most desirable tourist destinations of the Croatian Adriatic.

Baska-island-krkPhoto by Damir Jevtić / Baška Tourist Board 

Baška tablet, Oldest Document in Croatian

The Baška tablet was found in Jurandvor, not far from Baška. It is the oldest document in croatian. It dates from the year 1100 and it is a symbol of Croatian statehood. Visiting the small church, part of the former monastery of St. Lucia, where the tablet was found, is an unavoidable trip for all visitors. One should also visit the Baška Glagolitic Path. The path is dedicated to the Glagolitic script and to all Glagolitic priests throughout our history. It is the Croatian historical spatial starting point from A to Ω. This was in order to hold the continuous values that will introduce all visitors to the historic and cultural features and values of the region. It extends from the Treskavac ridge all the way to the old quayside in the port. However, this town is also home to a regional museum, the Bodul Garden and other points of interest.

Vela Luka Hidden Bay and Beach

The well-know hidden bay of Vela Luka is located in the far southeast, on the sea-route from Baška to Senj. It is approximately 1.8 km long and 400 meters wide. At the entrance to the bay, the sea is over 60 meters deep, and starting from the center of the bay the depth gradually decreases.  At the end of the bay is a heavenly sandy beach, sheltered against the wind and away from sight.  The beach itself has a small grill restaurant for summer refreshment. Furthermore, a local association of fishermen renewed an old fishing cabin on the east side of the bay. It now houses a small fishing museum. A source of potable water is located at the end of the valley. Moreover, remains of the settlement the local legends call Corinthia is settled there too.  Ruins of a Byzantine fort from the age of the emperor Justinian (6th century) are located on a hill perched above the ruins of that settlement. The only remains of the settlement are clusters of stone, indicating the distribution of the ancient houses and buildings.


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The bay is reachable by sea. Should you go on a Daily Fishing Academy– you will stop in the bay to visit the museum and for the swim. There are also paths from Baška. The path is about 6 km long. It goes up to approximately 300 meters above sea level, and then descends to the sea. These paths are very interesting because of numerous karst phenomena (canyons, crags) and numerous shepherd drystone walls crafted over centuries. Moreover, the paths are interesting for numerous panoramic observation points. They strech over Baška, the island of Prvić, Senjska vrata (the Senj straits), Vela Luka and Mala Luka.

Baška Activities in the Open

Baška is winning over more and more people who love activities in the open. The hills above the town are filled with marked footpaths, presenting walkers with spectacular sights and they offer great conditions for cyclists and especially for fans of mountain biking.

The City of Baška – Top Tips
Things to see and experience:

  • Visit the small church of St. Lucia and learn everything about the Baška tablet
  • Visit the Katunar vineyard above Draga Baška
  • Visit the regional museum
  • See the sculptures of Glagolitic letters at the Glagolitic Path
  • Buy excellent sage honey or homegrown tomatoes
  • Walk to Vela luka or take the path to the Moon and back and see the mrgari – drystone multichamber sheepfolds
  • Climb the 237 steps up to the votive church of Our Lady on the Hill
  • Drink the fresh and cool spring water from the Žanac spring
  • Go for a swim at one of the numerous beautiful beaches near Baška
  • Visit the fishing museum in Vela luka
  • See the aquarium in Baška
  • Visit the remains of the Roman city of Corinthia in Vela luka and Mala luka

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