St. Grgur Island

Even from a distance, the verdant green of St. Grgur shows why it is considered the greenest island. The large triangle in the green landscape can be seen from a great distance and it represents the hard labor of female convicts who constructed a water tank for rainwater. Also present is a large inscription which spells “Tito” and it dates from the times when the island housed a female prison.

The Sveti Grgur (St George’s) island is located between the islands of Lopar, Krk, Prvić and Goli otok. Its lush green vegetation is the reason why the people of Lopar have been using that island for sheep grazing. Even today you can see the remains of the women’s penitentiary camp and some 50 bunkers in the karst landscape.

St.Grgur Island

On the island, you can see herds of fallow deer coming to the beaches in search of food. The deer are docile and sociable and they eat from the hands of the visiting tourists. This has become an attraction of in its own. The beautiful coves of the island of Grgur, the beaches, forests and the ambience of untouched nature attract numerous nautical tourists and excursionists. Furthermore, a newly furnished catering facility and a small port for anchoring are also located on the island.

Grgur island deer nature

St. Grgur – Top tips

Things to see and experience

  • It is possible to reach the island of St. Grgur on a one-day trip by boat from Punat or Krk – unique vistas and landscapes, beautiful swimming locations
  • Combine a visit to the island with a visit to town of Baška
  • The one-day trip by boat from Punat or Krk can be combined with a visit to the island of Goli otok.
  • Organise lunch on the islands of Grgur or Goli otok at a price starting at 10 EUR



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