Top 5 Beaches on the Island of Krk

They are different, sometimes wild, sometimes urban or with benefits for health. The beaches of the Island of Krk are most welcoming points of interest on the island and each has a story of its own: rocky or pebbly, sandy or muddy, urban or hidden. Different, attractive, inviting, white yet blue. Ideal for picnic or fishing, snorkeling or diving, boat riding, sunbathing or sun burning, for children and for elderlies, for parents or for couples.
You will find them all around the island of Krk. Beautiful, stunning, breathtaking even. Go, search for them. Find them by bike, by car or on a boat cruise. Charter a boat or book one of the daily tours with swimming. The most important thing to bare in mind is- do not miss them!

Best Beaches on the Island of Krk

TOP 5: Sv. Marak, Risika Sandy Beach

Drive to Risika and take a right turn in the centre of the village. Drive for another 2 km in tarmac but down a rather narrow road. At the end you will find a lonely sand beach with a small peninsula with the ruins of St Marco church. There are no houses or villages in the vicinity of the beach, just refreshment stalls in summer. This is an excellent location should you want to dive from the coast. Recommended for couples and families with small children.

Beach_Sv.Marak_RisikaPhoto by Vrbnik Tourist Board 


TOP 4: Ježevac and Porporela, Krk City Beach

There are nice pebble beaches, few steps away from the centre of the city of Krk, just behind the red lighthouse which can be seen from the port. The beaches in Porporela bay (Italian for lighthouse) accompanied with the nearby 4* campsite Ježevac beaches might be narrow, but are covered with small pebbles and have plenty of beach bars, restaurants and recreational facilities. It is a perfect place for enoying the sun, but also spending a day in shadow or playing tennis in your bathing suit. They are walking distance to the Krk city centre and have a splendid view.

Krk city beachPhoto by Krk Tourist Board 

TOP 3: Soline, Healthy Mud Beach

When driving to Klimno from Malinska, or vice versa, don’t get scared when instead of a common beach bikini show you suddenly see people completely covered… with black mud! It is not some scary ritual. You are at a shallow Soline bay, famous for its healthy mud. People from all over the world come to this bay to have the mud heal rheuma, bone aches or skin diseases. So, just park your car, put on the mud all over your skin and let the mud heal at least your mind.

Mud Beach Soline Island of KrkPhoto by Dobrinj Tourist Board 

TOP 2: Oprna Beach, Stara Baška Wild Beach

Opposite to what many believe there is no road connection from Stara Baška to Baška. Stara Baška is a small village with some hundred inhabitants on the rocks above the beautiful sea and Baška developed into a touristic town bustling in the summer with day and night life. What is it then, that connects the two completely different villages? Beaches! There is the most beautiful necklace of pearl beaches all the way from Stara Baška to Baška and beyond- one more beautiful, more secluded, more attractive than the other. It is the Caribbean of Krk or its Costa Smeralda. You will see them all, should you decide to join the Island Cruise or Swimming Cruise by boat.
The most famous and the only accessible beach among them is Oprna beach. It seems like discovering Winnetou. You will find it when driving towards Stara Baška from Punat. Suddenly, there won’t be any vegetation, just rocks, just breathtaking views and one and only: the Oprna beach.
Stop at the curve on the top of the road to take a selfie. It is bound to be your most liked photo on Instagram in months. Afterwards, find a parking space along the winding narrow road and have patience to jump over the road fence and walk down to the beach. It is not easy, but happiness doesn’t come easily. There is no proper walking path, just a bumpy one, but at the end you will be rewarded with one of the best views and sea colours there is on the island. Breathe it in and soak in life!

Oprna Beach Krk
Photo by Luka Tabako/ Punat Tourist Board 

TOP 1: Vela plaža Baška, Longest Island Beach

She is The beach of tourism on the island of Krk. The Queen beach. Over 1 km of purely white pebble was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by a Check tourist who built a hotel there even before the road was built. The old town is practically on the beach. Your children will love it! But, in high season there are plenty of tourists who love it as well. So, if you want somewhat of a more private experience, come in pre or post season. The beautiful 3 km long seaside walk from Naturist beach Bunculuka, through the town centre to the end of Vela plaža beach is astonishing any time of the year! Walking there in windy days with white waves coloring the sea in turquoise or in fresh winter days with hill peaks on the horizon covered in snow has its charm.

Beach Vela Baška KrkPhoto by Markos Studio/ Baška Tourist Board 

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