Where to Eat Fresh Fish on the Island of Krk?

Very tough question and most frequently asked from our guests!  There are so many restaurants, konobas, bistros etc. Who can guarantee the freshest fish? And how to order and eat fish in Croatia?

The fish in restaurants is sold by weight of raw fish. Price is commonly shown per kilogram of a type of the fish. There are several categories of fish in different price ranges.

This means that if you choose a fancy fish from the tray that the waiter shows you or you pick one from the vitrine, the waiter will weigh this fish and charge you by weight. If you choose a fish that is part of the portion meal, then the average weight is 20 – 25 dag per person.

Tip: The fish weighing half a kilo is not a very big one, once it’s grilled or baked! Bear in mind that it is very traditional to get a whole fish with the head on your plate! Not one part of the fish, not a filet, but the whole fish. And there is a whole etiquette attached to eating the fish.

But how to check that the fish is fresh? Fishermen say according to clarity of the eye? Or the colour of the fish? Does that sound convincing?

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish Guaranteed

There is one perfect solution. Book a night or day fishing with the boat Zlatopružica. It is a unique experience on the island of Krk. You will be part of a crew of fishermen, witness the authentic fishing and see the whole process of sea trawling. It includes learning about the local fish and finally seeing on your plate what a truly fresh fish looks like.

Fishing Krk

Croats says the fish have to swim three times and this is what you will experience: This fish comes from the sea, directly into the olive oil (where it swims the second time) and then you make it swim the third time by washing it down with refreshing wine Vrbnička Žlahtina served on the boat! No limits, no weighting, no suspicion of freshness, no fear of high bills!

Scampi Dinner

And if you want to combine all of this with swimming in hidden bays, and learning more about our fishing, choose our Fishing Academy.  After a beautiful day full of taste, education and fun at sea, you’ll take home a diploma of a fisherman!


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