Top 10 Reasons Why Croatia?

#1  Coffee culture

Because you can sip your coffee for hours without any guilt!

You woke up and just don’t feel like going to the beach again? No problem at all! Live like a real Croatian – walk down to the first coffee bar you like, order your favourite coffee and just relax… and keep relaxing and sipping your exquisite coffee for hours, if you like! No one will look at you weirdly or say anything bad to you because, that’s just the way of life Croatians are used to, and simply cannot (read: don’t want to) live in any other way 🙂

Island North Adriatic Sailing Boat

#2  Thousand Islands

Because Croatia has more than a Thousand Islands which are all simply astonishing, each and every one of them!! Did you know that only around 50 of them are actually inhabited? The rest of the islands present pure nature and intriguing wilderness which you can discover while sailing along the Adriatic coast! Sometimes the peace and quiet is all we need!

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#3  Top museum

Because you can witness the most peculiar museum in the whole Europe…maybe even wider!

The name of this intriguing museum is the ‘Museum of Broken relationships’ which, if you ever find yourself in Zagreb, you simply have to visit! This unique museum located in the capital city of Croatia is dedicated to failed relationships and it is full of displayed, odd items left from former lovers. Maybe, after you see all the weird things and inscriptions written by people from all over the world, your ”Ex-problem” won’t appear that bad anymore 🙂


#4  Game of Thrones Film Set

Because one of the Croatian towns is the famous ”King’s Landing”.

That’s right!  After your arrival in Croatia plan a day or two just for wandering around the historical town of Dubrovnik and discover all the spots and hidden places where ”Game of Thrones” ruled. Amazing landscapes and incredible culture are just a small part of all the wonders this region has to astonish you with!


#5  Spirits and more spirits!

Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a few shots of rakija (croatian grappa) even before breakfast time!

‘’It’s for your health!’’, as our beloved grandparents like to say… and who are we to argue with this statement? Simply embrace it and live like a local for the whole period of your vacation in Croatia. There is no herb or fruit a Croatian cannot or will not use for making grappa: plums, pears, figs, honey, mistletoe, you name it – we made spirits of them all 🙂


#6  Necktie country!

Because Croatia is a homeland of the Necktie!

And a Guinness World Record holder for the longest necktie which happens to be approx. 800 m long! No kidding – this necktie worn today by every possible businessman in the world was invented by croatian soldiers in 17th century, mainly because they wanted to distinguish themselves from the enemies. So, if you have hard time finding a perfect souvenir for your friends and family, here’s something original and perfect to remind you of all of yours amazing moments lived in Croatia!

why croatia

#7  Pebble beaches

Because there are sooo many enchanting pebble beaches surrounded by crystal-clear sea!

Most of these beaches are hidden and inaccessible by foot or by car but no worries – there’s always a boat excursion you can book to see all the seaside wonders or even a boat to rent to get to all of the astonishing desert spots where you can soak up the sun and immerse yourself into this pure heavenly nature!


#8  Local food

Because of the local food paradise!

There is no ingredient used by locals that is not organic or fresh. It’s just the way it should be – straight from the local markets, gardens or fisherman’s net into your plate! The second you take a bite you’ll feel its rich and exquisite flavours only the top-quality fresh ingredients can taste like. Still not convinced? We invite you to join us on a Traditional Daily Fishing Experience where you can catch, clean and prepare yourself an amazing seafood and enjoy at the same time this unique sea-to-table dinning!

Scampi Dinner


#9  Rich history

Because the Croatian History still lives on!

Almost every town in Croatia has its own museum or two so don’t just go for beaches or national parks once you get here. Step back in time and find out more about the fascinating story of the town you’re visiting, countryside and its people.

Croatians are really proud of their history and they are eager to show you every piece of their historical and cultural heritage they’ve managed to preserve – which always comes with the most thrilling stories!

So, please do check out our incredible local museums that will most definitely give you an education you’ll never forget!


#10  Sunny place

Because Croatia is considered one of the sunniest places on earth!

How can this not be a good thing? The residents who live in these parts of Croatia get to enjoy 2750 hours of sunlight each year – that’s even more than on Florida or Sydney in Australia, on an annual basis! Even Alfred Hitchcock once said that Croatia’s sunset is the most beautiful one in the whole world!

Now, let’s be honest.. Isn’t Croatia a place you just have to add to your bucket list? Or are you already on your way?


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