EXPERIENCE TRADITION: How November looks like in Croatia?

Planning a vacation in Autumn? Do not skip Croatia!

Even though Croatia is mostly about summer experiences, beaches and perfectly sunny days, September to late November is the time when you can truly experience croatian culture and local way of life.

After the wine harvest season is over, which usually takes place from beginning till the end of September, the hard work is still not over for locals. When the grapes are processed and left in barrels to do their thing, it’s time for olives!

Almost every family on the island of Krk, but also along the entire Croatian cost, owns at least one olive tree inherited by tradition. If you didn’t know, authentic tradition is a great deal in Croatia – something that every Croat is highly proud of! So, even though harvesting can be very exhausting, for family members often means a perfect chance for some quality time after a long summer tourist season.



What do we need?

As you could already read in our blog about harvesting itself, you probably realized that it is not really a type of relaxing vacation.

Local families do not use big machineries – the whole work is done the old fashioned way. That is: hands, raks and sometimes a long handled, vibrating tong to shake off the olives onto nets put under the olive tree. Still, the most usual way on croatian islands is to climb on the ladder and handpick the olives.

Olive tree is a fruit tree so you should know in advance what kind of olive oil you would like to get. Of course, there are a lot of different olive types with distinct features but, in the most cases, when you pick the olives that are still really green, the oil tend to be more bitter but still full of dense flavour, spiciness and rich golden green colour. On the other hand, if you prefer your olive oil to be more mellow, pick them when their reddish-yellow colour starts to get darker.

Need more details on olives – get it here!


And what about lunch?

Absolutely! As we mentioned before, for local families this time of year is considered as a chance of spending some quality time with each other. And what can be better than a delicious homemade lunch prepared in the nature to bring them all around the ‘table’? In our case, around the barbecue in the middle of an olive grove. Traditionally, moms and grandmas prepare a small fire place out of stones and dry twigs found in the grove to barbecue fresh sausages and veggies. They also put a large tablecloth on the ground to place sheep’s cheese, prosciutto, pate’, tomatoes and all other homemade delicacies which goes perfectly with grilled sausages full of mouth-watering, smoky flavours.

After a long day of shaking olive trees, picking olives from the ground, removing a million twigs before finally putting them into a bag – this lunch cannot be more delicious!


Why not join us?

Being out in this breathtaking fields during the harvest season is such a mesmerizing and out of this world experience. Sometimes it is more fulfilling to be a part of the whole story, to get to know first-hand the process and production of something as healthy and nutritious as this 100% natural, golden produce. Rather than just tasting olive oil, if you think of coming to Croatia in autumn time, you should definitely take this opportunity and join us for a day in the fresh air of our splendid olive groves, full of fun for young and old!


To adventures for you?

Not a problem! Sometimes a perfect vacation means just lo lay back and relax while somebody else brings you the whole story and, of course, all freshly homemade specialties to taste which are always much more tasty when splashed with our extra virgin olive oil!

In this case you won’t regret coming to our youngest olive grove in Punat with a mesmerizing view where you can taste this golden liquid and truly enjoy a homemade dinner. It will definitely bring you closer to our local stories and way of life! See you there!

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