BLACK FRIDAY TIPS: Discount for Unique Trips & Experiences

It’s finally here! Black Friday shopping is officially on!

No doubt, the most expected shopping week is the one coming immediately after famous Thanksgiving holiday. And this is not only for Americans, but for the whole world, including our small but stunning Croatia!

During Black Friday sale, everyone is shopping for nearly everything they can but, beyond any doubt, the most satisfying shopping for every hard-core traveller is to get lowest fare plane ticket deals and all the accompanied activities which could be booked in advance 🙂

So, why not to be a part of this beautiful worldwide shopping madness? We also decided to pitch in and give you the opportunity to book in advance all the authentic excursions offered on our CroatiaExcursions website.

Yes, we know – Croatia is small BUT there is soooo much to see and experience during your stay in this simply breathtaking haven on earth.

Every hard-core traveller knows that the best way to experience a new country is to get to its heart! That is, get to know its locals, listen to their stories, taste their authentic food, drink their traditional wine, grappas..  and live life to the fullest –  the way they do!


Here are some insider tips of excursions which will definitely reveal you this authentic experience:

1. Unique Boat Experiences

Croatia is a country of thousand islands with beautiful, untouched nature and stunning views!

There is absolutely no better way of discovering beaches, hidden caves and connecting with genuine nature while enjoying stunning scenery of the Mediterranean Sea during one of our boat tours.

If you prefer more active boat tours, we suggest Night Fishing or even Day Fishing Academy excursion where you’ll get to participate in a unique, authentic experience of traditional fishing and sea-to-table dining! It is absolutely outstanding, trust us!


2. Traditional Croatian Produce Tasting

Croatia’s gastronomic tradition is a must-try when in Croatia. So, why not try all of this Croatian culinary delights on your next visit to Croatia?

You should definitely plan one whole day just for winery hopping and trying every wine variety local families managed to get from single one autochthonous sort of grape, called ‘Vrbnička Žlahtina’, which grows only in Vrbnik town on the island of Krk. During Wine Tasting Experience your hosts will be three renowned local wineries where you’ll try at least 9 different wine varieties! No headache the day after, we promise 🙂

Along with wine tasting, you’ll get to enjoy our homemade autochtonous local specialties like prosciutto and sheep cheese, extra virgin olive oil, traditional pasta ‘šurlice’ with goulash and freshly made local desserts. Plus, your very own personal chaperone will give you some insider local tips and secret stories you cannot find on Google 🙂

wine tasting_vrbnik

3.  Adventure and active holiday

If you travel with family or alone, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to adventure experiences.

But, when searching for thrills and excitement, places with adventure tourism are the best option for you and your family or friends! And there are numerous places like that in Croatia, thank God 🙂

From hiking experience in Croatia’s highest mountain ‘Velebit’ with the most stunning view, to Sea kayaking tour under the Krk bridge or around any other island, to crazy Zip Lining through majestic wilderness – It’s simply the perfect combination of adrenalin rush, spectacular nature and speed.

Also, younger members of your family would definitely enjoy magnificent waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park. And not only Plitvice Lakes, but also 7 other national parks in Croatia which are a perfect getaway from crowded beaches to refreshing, breathtaking heaven on earth full of diverse flora & fauna. Simply ideal for relaxation and exploring the unspoiled natural beauties of Croatia.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy Black Friday deals to the fullest!

Happy Shopping 🙂

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