Top three Mediterranean Delicacies on the Island of Krk

Like the whole Croatian region, also the island of Krk is known for countless hidden gems and traditional, local delicacies you simply cannot miss out!

Here are our top three must-try delicacies you should definitely experience on your next adventure to Croatia:

1. Wine Tales on the Island of Krk

Croatia is one of the Mediterranean countries known for its rich wine areas where you can find more than 130 wine varieties. There are a lot of autochthonous grape varieties in this region  – one of them you can find and taste on your next trip to Island of Krk, more precisely, in historical town of Vrbnik and its indispensable valley!

Thanks to this 100 hectares of the most precious grape valley on the island of Krk, hard-working locals produce over 600 000 bottles per year of top quality white wine called Vrbnička Žlahtina.

Vrbnička Žlahtina was analysed many times, but its DNA matches no other wine variety in the world. The adjective ‘žlahtno’ in the name means ‘NOBLE’ in Old Slavic, so this autochthonous, unique and special noble variety of Vrbnik developed all of its great characteristics exclusively in the fields of Vrbnik!

Almost every family in Vrbnik has its own winery which you can visit any time during the day – locals are very welcoming and cannot wait to offer you all kinds of different wine varieties they managed to produce from only this one particular grape sort. White wine, prosecco, sweet dessert wine, rosé name it – they have it all!


Do you know which wine is considered the most positive one?

Think pink 🙂 and you’ll guess it immediately!

A glass of cooled ‘pinkie’ wine just looks adorable and very tempting during hot summer days, but you cannot go wrong with it even in winter times.  Rosé is a very elegant, light wine and above all, delightful, refreshing experience so no wonder it became one of the favourite wines over the last years, especially among younger generations.

For all of you who would love to discover this magical world of wines, join us on our next special Vrbnik Wine Tasting Experience!

2. Elixir of youth

When talking about wine you simply cannot not talk about food pairings! No matter what experts say, if you love wine as we do, it just goes with anything 🙂

And when this food, like fresh seafood, local sheep cheese or even lamb, is authentic home-made and on top of all, combined with extra virgin olive oil – it’s heaven on earth!

For Mediterranean countries, olive tree is considered as sacred tree, symbol of peace, wisdom, strength and fertility! Its strong flavour and rich, golden-green features are the main reason why this extra virgin olive oil is worldwide known as the elixir of youth and liquid gold. So no wonder that in past, olives were used as local currency and praised in Greek and Egyptian mythology.

During your vacation on the Island of Krk, we strongly recommend you to take one of ours breath-taking boat tours towards Island of Pag.

Once we get there, we’ll escort you to its true oasis – Lun’s most famous olive grove, to discover 2000 years old and majestic olive trees.

And, don’t forget to take home with you our precious liquid gold – the croatian elixir of life in a bottle, or two 🙂


3.  Fig – Mediterranean Empress of Sweet Delicacies

Known as a symbol of wealth and richness, along with olive tree and wine grape, fig is one of the characteristic plants related to Mediterranean scenery.

Usually, fig is the main ingredient in many home-made brandies, liqueurs or jams and also, thanks to its dried version, we can enjoy it during the whole year! Regardless its sweet flavour, figs are used in a great deal of sweet and savoury dishes which can be found in local restaurants on the island of Krk, like Konoba Nada or Vinotel Gospoja in town of Vrbnik.

It’s a tradition, once you arrive on our island of Krk, for the host to welcome you with home-made brandy and dried figs, as a wish for a great health, happiness and prosperous life. Cheers 🙂

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