The Best Family – Friendly Island Cruise Adventure

For all of us, this Island cruise boat trip was simply the most interesting trip during our vacation on the Island of Krk, Croatia.

At first, we were asking ourselves if this kind of adventure will be safe and interesting enough for our grandkid. After all, not all of the trips are kid or family friendly, but in this case, going for this excursion was a jackpot for us!


The environment, gorgeous scenery, crystal-clear sea and its undersea life was nothing less but amazing. From the moment we were greet by the CroatiaExcursions Team, we were relaxed and carefree for the whole cruise. The most important thing for us was to make sure that our grandkid enjoyed it as much as we did. Which he absolutely did! Especially when we stopped for swimming and snorkelling, the crew landed us some masks and fins to make the underwater adventure even more fun. The boat was a little bit away from the beach what really made the youngsters happy because they could jump from the top of the boat into this beautiful turquoise sea and have even more fun.

Also, each team member was highly professional, knowledgeable and very willing to offer information while answering all of our questions, which made our adventure even more fun and hassle free.

On our way back to the port, we passed near an island where only seagulls live and we got the chance to feed them! Unlike our grandkid, we were kind of worried if the seagulls will maybe bite us while reaching for the bread. He, on the other hand, was really excited about feeding them which was a perfect closure of this boat adventure for him!

So, without a shadow of a doubt, this trip was fantastic for all of us! Educational, adventurous and most of all, super exciting. With this family experience we’ve definitely created memories that will last for a lifetime! We highly recommend it to everyone!

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