Fantastic Family Adventure Holiday on the Island of Krk

Last Summer we were looking forward to experience a bit different family adventure holiday since we happened to be visiting the Island of Krk with our whole family.
Usually, somehow we always end up at the already tested and familiar destination just because it is easier when traveling with younger children. But this time we decided to be adventurous and to try out new things and places. So, we booked Croatia – and it was amazing!

Some adventure holidays aren’t always suitable for younger kids, but on the Island of Krk, whichever active or educational experience you choose, you cannot go wrong!
We tried various water sports that we found in town of Krk and Punat, then Zip-lining in Baška, amazing underwater life watching with a Diver Show in Malinska and even a charming ride with a semi-submarine to please our youngest one.


Every activity was special and interesting in its own way but there was this one excursion that was simply extraordinary and should definitely be on your bucket-list!

One of our kids had a birthday during this vacation on the Island of Krk and we decided to surprise him with a whole day boat cruise. But not an ordinary one – this one was on a fishing boat where we could all participate in fishing and learn about wildlife in the same time.

Immediately after we sailed out, the Captain and his sailors threw a huge net into the sea to start with authentic trawl fishing. This method of towing a fishing net is an old, traditional way which only the fishermen of Kvarner used to do for generations. Our Captain was so knowledgeable and eager to teach us everything there is to know about this unique way of fishing. We were learning how to tie a fishing knots and basics about navigation while the kids were constantly running into captain’s cabin to observe all the instruments and navigation systems with our Captain, like a real fishermen 🙂

After a few hours we made a stop at this gorgeous beach near Baška where the trawl net was pulled out and we could finally enjoy our catch! The crew explained to us every single creature caught in the net, like different kinds of fishes, sea urchins, crabs, the difference between shrimps and prawns and much, much more. The great thing was when we all could participate in cleaning process and learn how to prepare our freshly caught fish for lunch.


Of course, there was a time for swimming in this amazingly crystal-clear sea and relaxing on the nearby pebble beach. The knowledge and kindness of the crew simply amazed us. It was really helpful to us knowing that we were with local expertise and that this whole excursion is safe and super fun in the same time, for both kids and grown-ups.

To wrap up our well learned fishing skills, we’ve visited a small fishing museum where we received a diploma for having mastered the basics of fishing. Now, how about that!?! The kids were super proud of themselves!

On our way back home, while we were soaking up the last rays of sunshine and enjoying mesmerizing scenery of hidden bays and gorgeous coast, the crew amazed us with another surprise. They came out of nowhere with a beautiful birthday cake made specially for our son to celebrate his special day! It was mind-blowing!


At the end of the day, we weren’t awarded only a diploma and awesome new fishing skills but, most of all, the extraordinary and unforgettable memories!

We strongly recommend this unique Daily Fishing Excursion to all adventure-minded families – you won’t regret it! Cheers!


The Graham Family
Guests from USA

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