Top 3 Reasons Why you should spend your Easter Holiday on the Island of Krk

Among thousands of islands you can find in coastal part of Croatia, Island of Krk is still the biggest one. Thanks to its bridge and a great connection with mainland you can hardly feel you’re coming to an island. In spring, here is where you can get away from city crowds and immerse yourself in a whole different world. So, if you’re still wondering about where to spend your Easter Holiday, the picturesque places on the Island of Krk would be our No.1 recommendation! Here are some tips which could definitely spice up this long Bank Holyday weekend getaway:



1. Experience local tradition

Once you come to the Island of Krk and stroll down the streets you’ll find traditional local businesses on almost every corner. Tradition is still very alive because the locals are dedicated to nurture it through theirs authentic homemade produce. Lots of them are continuously  winning national and international prizes for theirs originality and traditional preparation, so either you’re a wine lover or more of cheese and olive type – or even both – this is a perfect place for you to spend your Easter Holiday!

From top quality white wine ‘Žlahtina’ produced exclusively in local family wineries in the town of Vrbnik, to Krk’s prosciutto which represents an exquisite and above all authentic product of croatian cuisine, to homemade cheese whose scents and flavours are the best to discover in the very diary where the owner himself will introduce you to this remarkable world of Krk’s cheese production. Plus, when you season all this delicacies with an excellent extra virgin olive oil produced in local olive groves, you’ll unquestionably experience a piece of heaven for your palate!


2. Take a  jump into the past

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, April 21th, so you might take an early flight to experience this day like a local.
The whole point of the Easter Weekend is about welcoming the spring – everyone relax for the long weekend and celebrate it in many ways.

One of the most extraordinary Easter ceremonies you might be interested in takes place on the Islet of Košljun, situated in Punat bay (between towns of Krk and Baška). This petit island is a raw gem of nature, with its centuries-old charm and the Franciscan Monastery full of precious, historical objects and stories. Here you’ll find 4 impressive museums which will reveal to you everything there is to know about Krk’s fascinating history, local culture and a traditional way of life. Afterwards, take a walk through its leafy garden corridors notable for its rich flora and fauna and immerse yourself into this pure nature and complete silence!

Read more about it in our previous blog!

olive-grove-the view

3. Discover Island of Krk on a bike

You prefer an active adventure holiday? No problem at all 🙂

There are lots of light, cycling paths perfect for your adventure of discovering island of Krk’s hidden treasures. The trail goes through almost every place on the Island of Krk so you can always take a break in local coffee shops or restaurants, or stop at one of the beaches you will bump into and soak up the sun!

Just remember, if you end up in town of Vrbnik which is famous for its exquisite top quality wines, don’t forget to treat yourself with a glass or two of this autochthonous sort of wine Žlahtina – Cheers!






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