A dream proposal on Krk island

Choosing the most romantic place to pop the question is almost as important as the wedding itself. And when you happen to be in Croatia, on one of the most beautiful islands like Island of Krk where everything is surrounded by mesmerizing natural beauties, romantic ancient villages and hidden spots, it definitely sounds like a perfect place for a dream proposal.

Olive Grove Punat

If you’re trying to come up with an unforgettable and unique wedding proposal which will show her/him that she (or he) is the most important person in your life, here is our story which can give you some ideas:

I am from Krk and so is my husband. He first had this idea when he was 15, while racing his scooter on the winding island roads under the teenage adrenaline rush. I think it’s wonderful that the girl whom he ended up proposing to turned out to be me.
There is a particular spot in the south of the island where after driving uphill you go around a long bend and a breathtaking view explodes over the endless blue sea with speckles of white islands in it. It’s magical even for someone who’s seen it many times before. As you drive downhill from this spot, along one side of a canyon that descends all the way down to a white beach, you start noticing that the stones scattered on the steep side of the other side of the canyon are actually not randomly there. They form irregular letters, signatures, love hearts, messages, arranged and left there by tourists from the beach below. They are in nice contrast with the dry moon-like surface of the hills that they adorn.

As I would later find out, you only see them very early in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not directly above the canyon. I would also not know until later that despite the canyon looking very rocky, it’s actually pretty hard to find the stones to write something on the mountain with. The canyon is steep and it’s a half an hour trek from the beach up a small unforgiving path to get to the side of the hill where the names are written. It’s also pretty hard to get to the beach itself – it’s easier by boat than by land. So that’s what he did. With the help of a few other boys, my then boyfriend spent three days in the scorching sun writing out my name on the side of a mountain, accompanied by WILL YOU MARRY ME?, a little heart and his name. I mean, how could you possible say anything but YES after all that trouble?

The proposal itself was a complete surprise, at 9 am in the morning, just after the beautiful view opened up in front of us and just moments after I said that despite (or maybe precisely because of) having travelled the world, I have never seen a more beautiful view.
Does it get any more romantic than this?


 Book a small private boat that sails all along the hidden spots or even an amazing traditional wooden boat which will take you on a romantic ride in sunset with dinner under the starry sky, and simple as that – choose this romantic places where your fiancé’s sure to say, “Yes!”

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