Fishing Season on the Island of Krk

Fishing season has finally started on the Island of Krk!

After this year’s long rainy and cold May, June has arrived in full splendore! Finally some sunny days and hot, hot weather which are calling us all to refresh in our beautiful crystal clear Adriatic sea. And when on board, the constant breeze makes it even more enjoyable!

For fishing lovers, fun has officially started! And here are 2 the best options on how to combine fishing, fun and local experience:

Fishing Scampi-local-produce

1. All-Day Fishing Tour

This is an unique experience that is offering you not only fishing per se’, but also an introduction to an old traditional way of fishing with a trawler and a chance to become a real local fisherman for a day!

Once we start our fishing adventure and the net is thrown in the sea, our captain will introduce you to the secrets of local way of fishing, diverse marine creatures that live in this area, sea and navigation.

You cannot start this extraordinary adventure on empty stomach so, after our captain’s most passionate education on fishing and navigation, you’ll get to enjoy our local appetizers like anchovies in olive oil, homemade cheese with olives, octopus salad and many more delights made of fresh seafood.

After an hour we’ll stop to get our catch! And, with a help from our experienced sailors, everyone participates in getting the fish, crabs, scampi and even starfishes out of the net. This experience is one of a kind and will stay forever in your mind! Since you are a real fisherman for this day, you also get a chance to learn on how to clean all this freshly caught delights and prepare it for the lunch. While our cook is cooking this freshly caught fish for lunch, you get to relax in one of the most beautiful bays near island of Krk. Swimming and snorkelling in refreshing clear sea or simply laying on gorgeous white pebble beach, it’s totally up to you.

After this long day full of adventure, a glass of a good local wine will come perfectly while enjoying our heavenly prepared catch of the day!


2. Fishing Experience by Night

You’re not feeling like spending the whole day out at the sea but still want to experience something special and romantic in the evening hours? The Night Fishing Experience is absolutely perfect for you!

Board our traditional trawl fishing boat ‘Zlatopružica’ which at first will take you to enjoy memorable sunset panoramas while getting familiar with fishing techniques, marine life and use of a traditional navigational tools. Afterwards you’ll be amazed by a delicious dinner prepared from freshly caught fish and other seafood delights under a starry sky.


So, get on board and we’ll take you to a whole different world of local fishing and traditional homemade cuisine paradise!


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