KRK FOOD FEST: Oasies for Foodies on Island of Krk

Although the Summer rush is slowly vanishing on Island of Krk, Krk Food Fest is one of many most unique and attractive pleasures which locals still use to amaze their guests.

Throughout the whole island of Krk you’ll encounter rich archeological and cultural heritage in small picturesque villages which can easily take you back to ancient times. Walking down the streets you cannot not be amazed by all this charming narrow streets and petite houses where locals still live today but in a certain way also give you a very spectacular insight in how the people were living and working here centuries ago.

And what can be more authentic when bringing you back in ancient times than true aromas of traditional Mediterranean cuisine?

From September 20th to October 20th, moreover 14 local restaurant decided to re-invent and present in new most original way the ancient flavours and rich culinary heritage of Island of Krk.

octopus-traditional-dishPhoto by Krk Tourist Board

So, are you ready for exploring and discovering the most unique culinary experiences in almost every town of Krk Island?

Here are some top gourmet creations you shouldn’t skip on when exploring our Island of Krk:

  1. At Restaurant Marina in Krk town you should try homemade pasta “Šurlice” with forest mushrooms and pancetta or Duck breast with broad beans and blueberry sauce
  2. Restaurant ‘Bocoon’ in Punat awaits you, among other creative dishes, with Breaded Olives, Octopus in Olive Sauce and Chestnut Cake
  3. In Heritage Hotel Forza, located in Baška, you can enjoy various autumn dishes like Bruschettas with porcini mushrooms, Pork medallions in creamy pumpkin and sage sauce and Pears in red wine
  4. Town of Vrbnik and Restaurant Vinotel Gospoja prepared for us unique culinary infusions like Venison sirloin steak in Cocoa crust with sautéed pumpkin
  5. In House of Krk’s Prosciutto in small village of Vrh taste delicious homemade Prosciutto, Fig and Walnut Pate and their fantastic Minestrone with Prosciutto and autumn local veggies

scampi-traditional-dishPhoto by Krk Tourist Board

Regardless of differences in tastes and affinities, when this delightful gastronomic creations are paired with Krk’s authentic top quality wines and most famous ‘Žlahtina’ wine sorts, we are absolutely sure that all foodies will find their oases of complete hedonistic pleasure.

Join us on this adventure and let’s experience together all the hidden charms of Krk island cuisine! Bon Appétit!!!


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