Top 3 ways to stay healthy like a local on the Island of Krk, Croatia


1. Taste tradition – organic homemade delicacies

Use of sustainable foods by locals in every day cuisine is something inevitable on the island of Krk, which helps them quite a bit to stay healthy throughout the whole year.

When in Croatia, check out our local farmers’ markets to discover not only a wide range of seasonal fruits, veggies and various organic homemade delicacies, but also to meet the locals and to chat a bit with them. They will happily give you some local advices on which ingredients or homemade produce would be the best to use to stay perfectly healthy and in top of your shape. After all, by eating organic food according to what is in season, you won’t be eating nothing less than fresh, various and affordable goodies which above all retain better nutrients.

2. Walk by the crystal-clear sea

According to researches there is nothing better to boost your overall health than a healthy positive attitude. And what is better way to nurture this positive attitude than this relaxing and meditative experience of long walks by the sea while listening to the sound of waves and catching the scent of salty water in air.

Most of the places on the Krk island have seafront promenade and beach route where locals, and tourists in Summer months, like to enjoy in this one-of-a-kind walk by the sea made of pure nature and full of hints of a traditional lifestyle.

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When on the Krk island you simply have to visit this petit but astonishing island located in Punat bay which is just perfect for meditation and relaxing experience. Islet of Košljun is a Croatian gem of nature well known for its Franciscan monastery, 4 remarkable museums and untouched flora and fauna. Once you get on the islet of Košljun you’d want to explore its mesmerizing park, breathe in healthy marine aerosol and get lost in its true nature and perfect silence.

Tame your stress, relax and boost this immune system of yours!


3. Start your day with inevitable Aqua Vitae

If you can learn to eat and relax like a local, you should also start your mornings like one!

It’s a must for every real local to have at least one bottle of this secret weapon in their house, to disinfect their body and soul whenever necessary. This homemade produce destroys any bacteria, improves your blood circulation and digestion and, in the same time, lifts up the general mood.

Yes, we’re talking about Rakijaa well known Croatian medicine for everything 🙂 This distilled liquor was originally derived exclusively from wine and because all of its benefits mentioned above, the locals like to call it aqua vitae – ‘water of life’ or even aqua ardens which means ‘fiery water’.

This traditional natural remedy poured into a shot glass is the best hospitality and the most sincere welcome you can get from a local on the Island of Krk, and in Croatia in general!


So, what are you waiting for? Get into a car and come to island of Krk  where tradition, homemade cuisine, premium wines, liquors and generous locals are eagerly waiting to meet you.

Stay healthy and join locals for an experience of a lifetime and beautiful memories that lasts forever!

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