Top 10 Reasons Why Croatia?

why croatia

#1  Coffee culture

Because you can sip your coffee for hours without any guilt!

You woke up and just don’t feel like going to the beach again? No problem at all! Live like a real Croatian – walk down to the first coffee bar you like, order your favourite coffee and just relax… and keep relaxing and sipping your exquisite coffee for hours,...

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How to get the best local produce on the Island of Krk


Isn’t it awesome when you can eat fresh, local, organic goods and nothing else?
Did you know that even today, for most Croatian families, this is the only way of living? For daily preparation of traditional dishes locals only need to hop in their own gardens, local family farms or local markets - simple as that!

So, where can You find this natural treasure?


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Top 4 things to experience on the island of Krk


Is your vacation mode already on? I sure hope that maybe this year you decided to try out the biggest island in Croatia  – the Island of Krk also known as the Golden Island. And now it's your turn to find out why! The locals are waiting for you just to show you their traditional way of life, to welcome you in their homes and to offer you the most exquisite dishes and local goods you've...

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One Name, Two Towns – Choose the Right Baška For You

Stara Baška Town

You wanted to visit Baška, but as you reach the roundabout near the historical small church of Saint Donatus, you face a dilemma: first exit Stara Baška and second exit Baška! Which one is the right one? And, what does Stara mean? Stara means old, vecchia, alte. Although this is misleading. Baška was founded by Romans (at the time it was called Corinthia) and is almost a thousand years...

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Olive – the Mediterranean Queen


When driving towards Punat from the town of Krk, take the 2nd exit at the roundabout to Vrbnik and Baška. After cca 2km you will see on your right side a sign pointing towards the most attractive Olive Garden on the Island of Krk. Even though you’re rushing to get to your final destination, or this route wasn’t even in your plans, trust us – make a stop at this olive grove...

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Best Beaches in Stara Baška by Car

Stara Baska Beach

Stara Baška inhabitants are called Krajani. Kraj- ani, because Stara Baška is also called Kraj which would in Croatian mean “end”. End to what? To every road on the island of Krk.

Well, we will reward those of you who read past the first paragraph with an insider guide into what is there to see beyond the end of all the Krk roads.

Pass through the...

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Top 5 Dog Beaches on Island Krk


We all want to take our furry loved ones on vacation with us. After all, eating treats and getting belly rubs is hard work! To keep the beaches clean and simply because some people, inexplicably, aren’t animal lovers, most beaches on Island Krk, and through all of Croatia, are restricted to pets. Violating said restrictions may result in a hefty fine, especially during the busy summer...

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Where to Eat Fresh Fish on the Island of Krk?

Fish trawling net

Very tough question and most frequently asked from our guests!  There are so many restaurants, konobas, bistros etc. Who can guarantee the freshest fish? And how to order and eat fish in Croatia?

The fish in restaurants is sold by weight of raw fish. Price is commonly shown per kilogram of a type of the fish. There are several categories of fish in different price ranges.

This means...

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4 Things To Do in the City of Krk

Krk Seaview

Yes, the city of Krk will be crowded. Yes, sometimes it will take you 2o minutes to walk a 20 metres distance during the warm summer nights. And yes, it can get annoying waiting for a table to free up so you can have dinner in the middle of a tourist season. However, we are bringing you tips from locals on how to avoid crowds in the city of Krk next time you visit and how to make the most of...

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Flower- shaped Dry Stone Walls called Mrgari


Photo by Valter Stojšić / Baška Tourist Board 

Have you ever travelled through Croatia and noticed dry stone walls? They are definitely a huge part of Croatia’s landscape, like olive trees or rocky coastline. These walls, called suhozid or gromače, are centuries old and they were built for agricultural...

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