How to get the best local produce on the Island of Krk


Isn’t it awesome when you can eat fresh, local, organic goods and nothing else?
Did you know that even today, for most Croatian families, this is the only way of living? For daily preparation of traditional dishes locals only need to hop in their own gardens, local family farms or local markets - simple as that!

So, where can You find this natural treasure?


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Olive – the Mediterranean Queen


When driving towards Punat from the town of Krk, take the 2nd exit at the roundabout to Vrbnik and Baška. After cca 2km you will see on your right side a sign pointing towards the most attractive Olive Garden on the Island of Krk. Even though you’re rushing to get to your final destination, or this route wasn’t even in your plans, trust us – make a stop at this olive grove...

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Where to Eat Fresh Fish on the Island of Krk?

Fish trawling net

Very tough question and most frequently asked from our guests!  There are so many restaurants, konobas, bistros etc. Who can guarantee the freshest fish? And how to order and eat fish in Croatia?

The fish in restaurants is sold by weight of raw fish. Price is commonly shown per kilogram of a type of the fish. There are several categories of fish in different price ranges.

This means...

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Where to Eat Scampi on the Island of Krk

Scampi Langoustine

Here is some basic introduction into the origin of Kvarner scampi (or langoustine) first. Scientific analysis has shown Kvarner scampi which can be found around the Island of Krk originate in Norway. The Kvarner langoustine has a pale orange colour, a thin crust and it is different to the Dalmatian one which is almost white. The imported scampis from Norway you can find in grocery stores on...

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Wine from the Depths of the Sea

Žlahtina Wine Vrbnik

Once upon a time, a local wine producer from Vrbnik was looking out of the window of his house perched on the top of a cliff. He looked at the sea, then down at the golden wine in his glass, then back at the sea. The two things he loved the most were right there in front of his ideas. They just needed to marry to produce a child that will make him famous.

As you may guess, he thought of the...

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Šurlice – Typical Krk Dish


In Croatia, you will never get a simple answer to the question „What is a typical Croatian dish?“ Different regions of Croatia belonged to different countries in the past and this regionally versatile influence trickles down to the local cuisine.The geeky share of tourists visiting the island of Krk or those reading up on the Island of Krk to impress their better halves will be quite...

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