4 Things to Enjoy in Punat

Punat is the nautical centre of the island. Located in a beautiful and sheltered bay, it has always provided a safe haven for ships, fishermen and boaters. This young settlement was built on the remains of a Liburnian settlement and on the location where the Romans from Krk built their villas. Furthermore, Punat is also the birthplace of the ancestors of a former president of Costa Rica. His grandfather built a pasta factory and an oil mill (nowadays the main town hotel) in Punat and a beautiful villa on the waterfront. In the early 20th century, locals founded the first Steamboat Share Company in Punat. It is the predecessor of today’s biggest Croatian shipping and ferry company.

1. Discover Olives and the Most Spectacular View

Punat is fully surrounded by olive groves. The olives dominate the village’s landscapes, from small trees decorating the local terraces, to large agriculture plantations. Furthermore, almost every single inhabitant of Punat has at least one olive tree within the endless forests. Moreover, there are numerous paths and trails through the olive groves where the ones who love Mediterranean landscapes can enjoy a walk, a run, or a bike ride. The olive grove absolutely worth your time and visit is the one overlooking the bay of Punat. There is something special for anyone who wants to learn about harvesting olives, olive oil manufacturing and pairing up olive oil with certain foods. You can go olive oil tasting and have a local dinner in this beautiful olive grove with astonishing views over Punat.

Olive Grove Punat

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2. Take a Boat Trip and See the Surrounding Archipelago

Punat is located in a small bay whose narrow entrance had, according to a legend, a bridge connecting the zone of today’s Punat to the medieval town of Krk. It’s commonly believed the name “Punat” is derived from the Latin/Italian word form “Ponte” which means “bridge”. In the middle of the bay there is a green islet called Košljun. It is a home to a well-known Franciscan monastery whose museums hold valuable collections of local culture, art, and natural history.

Outside the Bay, there is something to see and discover, the beautiful coastline, and lovely islets in the immediate surroundings. By taking an afternoon boat trip through these zones, you will experience bird watching, see the essence of the Croatian Adriatic coast lines, and swim in the see- through sea – on one of those beaches that are totally inaccessible by land, and only reachable by sea.

Boat Trip Punat

3. Experience Fishing with Fresh Fish Dinner Aboard

The secret world of traditional night fishing, practiced by fishermen of the Adriatic for centuries, a boat trip to the darkness, where the sea is lit up only by the boat’s tiny lamp, it all sounds like a piece of novel or poetry. However, it can be fully experienced in Punat, if you join the exclusive night fishing boat trip. You will board on a real fishing boat and see how the fishing net is thrown into the sea. Finally, the trip will be complete with a full dinner under the starry sky made of the fresh fish. Could you imagine such a perfect summer night?

Or, why not to try…

4. Learn About the Sea World at Fishing Academy

Are you one of those travelers/tourists who try experiences, skills, or things they had never tried before or were not even familiar with before?

If you recognize yourself in this description, the best thing you can do in Punat is to join a fishing trip. Unlike the glamorous night fishing, this trip is more an educational experience, where participants learn a few techniques of fishing, so you can become a “fisherman for a day”.

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