Šurlice – Typical Krk Dish


In Croatia, you will never get a simple answer to the question „What is a typical Croatian dish?“ Different regions of Croatia belonged to different countries in the past and this regionally versatile influence trickles down to the local cuisine.The geeky share of tourists visiting the island of Krk or those reading up on the Island of Krk to impress their better halves will be quite happy with the idea that Island of Krk does indeed, in contrast with Croatia, have a traditional dish. It is called „šurlice“. Stop a local on the street to check how šurlice is pronounced.

Šurlice, a home- made pasta similar to Italian macaroni, can be found on most Sunday lunch tables on Krk and at most weddings as a course that everyone eagerly awaits. You will never find šurlice made in any other way than by hand and there is no grandma on the island that doesn’ t know how to make them. It is not unusual to find local grandmas spend summer evenings making šurlice for taverns and restaurants. You will recognise šurlice, by shamelessly peeking in other people’s plates in restaurants before ordering your food, as a thick pasta with a hole in the middle. In case you are relaxed enough on your holiday to ponder over the meaning of the hole in the middle of the pasta- there is a very logical explanation. Šurlice simply cook faster with a hole inside, which is made by wrapping the dough around a needle and rolling it in your hands.

What is home- made pasta of Krk usually eaten with?

Typically a goulash. Dark, yummy, sweet beef stew that melts in your mouth and will for sure end up on your white summer dress that you bought just for this holiday. Not too red (too much tomato sauce), not too watery, not too spicy. Of course, nothing without sprinkling some local cheese on top. Most of the restaurants nowadays offer alternative version of šurlice with scampi and other tempting variations of this traditional dish. We hope at least one person at your table will order the original version so you can have a taste of typical Krk. A tip for wine lovers: Make sure to eat it with a glass of Žlahtina wine.


Where to Eat Šurlice on the Island of Krk?

Well before choosing the restaurant, make sure you check whether there are “Šurlice days” in one of the towns during your stay. It will be a great opportunity to try different types of this yummy dish. Vrbnik Wine Tales Tour is also a great opportunity to try šurlice in an attractive location of Vinotel Gospoja- the first hotel in Croatia dedicated to wine. Also, have a look at the restaurant suggestions below.

1. Pod Prevolt, Milohnić
You can’t go wrong by having šurlice at Pod Prevolt in Milohnić village. If you are staying in the town of Krk, it could be refreshing to go to a more rural part of the island, and get away from tourist crowds for an evening. Pod Prevolt will not disappoint if you are looking to blend in with the locals.

2. Konoba Luce, Vrbnik
Konoba Luce in the town of Vrbnik is another of our favourite places to eat šurlice in. For those feeling bold, there are šurlice with truffle sauce on the menu, too. Konoba Luce is just down the road from the Ivan Katunar winery that we partner with to offer Wine Tasting.

3. Konoba Intrada, Malinska
If you find yourself in Malinska, try out Restaurant Intrada and you will not regret your choice. Might not be one of those restaurants with a spectacular view of the sea, however you can expect high quality local ingredients and a real taste of a home- made meal. Make sure you order Presnac- typical Island of Krk cake as a dessert. If you find yourself on Krk in spring, treat yourself to šurlice with scampi and wild asparagus.

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