Cycling on the Island of Krk


Is bringing your bike all the way from home to the Island of Krk worth the hassle? Trust us on this one- absolutely! You decided against it but still want to go cycling? Do not worry- there are many places to rent a bike on the island of Krk. (for example Malinska Bike Rental at the address Obala 16) If you’re into cycling, you’re in luck! The island of Krk is most beautiful in late spring and early autumn, which is also a time you will want to come and explore it on bike! Both the air temperatures and the traffic will be more welcoming and this is when the greatest biking events are taking place. Not to mention, that you will help locals extend the tourist season, which means a world to them.

Island of Krk is proud to have developed an app for cyclists called Krk Bike where you can find all the cycling routes on the island of Krk. It also contains brief tourist information for most of the island towns. It is free and downloadable from both iOS and Android stores. If you prefer more traditional methods of finding your way around the island, visit local tourist information centres and pick up your cycling map of the island.

We hope to bikinspire you with a more detailed description of one of the most popular bike routes on the Island of Krk.

Malinska- Punat Cycling Trail (Route 52 on KRKBIKE)


The trail between Malinska and Punat follows the main north-south road of the island, it is approx. 13km long and is a good one to start with especially for those without a GPS and courage to get lost in the woods of Krk. Only 263 metres of the route are in ascent. The trail is 90% of the time following the main road and all petrol stations you pass by are equipped with air compressors for pumping tyres. 

Starting from the centre of Malinska you will initially have to share the road with cars until you reach the crossing with the main island north-south road. The shortest and least congested way to reach the main road from the centre of Malinska is through the rural villages of Kremenići, Žgombići, Oštrobradić and Barušići. It’s a great way to explore the more rural side of the island! After Barušići, you have little left before reaching joining the main road with a road sign showing you the right way towards Krk.

This is the point where the biking route 52 starts and the end of the most difficult part of the route. The asphalt cycle path follows the main road and unfortunately it is not the most scenic one on the island. Do not despair- you will have a unique opportunity to see lake Ponikve to your left. Lake Ponikve is a natural lake the whole island gets its water from. There are ascending and descending parts of the trail before reaching the city of Krk, however also the beginners will manage to overcome it!

The second part of the route after the city of Krk is beautiful and scenic with wonderful views of the small uninhibited islands of Plavnik and Kormati, both of which you can visit during our Island Cruise. To your right, the trail follows the curve of the Punat Bay in the middle of which there is the islet of Košljun. You may meet a sheep or two before reaching Punat and you will definitely enjoy the view of the sailing boats at the entrance.

Visit this blog that we discovered for detailed information on the Malinska- Stara Baška and Malinska- Baška bike route. The blog also provides accurate information on weather and safety for cyclists on the island of Krk.

Bringing your bike to Krk will mean exploring the island in a completely different way than most of the tourists and believe us, even most of the locals.

To recap, three good reasons to bring your bike to Krk on your holidays:

1. You can visit outside of the peak tourist season and have the island to yourself

2. It is the most economical, ecological and healthiest way to explore the island

3. You will cycle through the beautiful woods and trails along the sea not accessible by car.

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