Our Olive-themed Island of Krk Wedding

I have to say upfront that this was not a destination wedding. Yet it felt like one. Our families are among the 17000 people living on the island of Krk and although we live abroad, we keep very close ties to the island. Could we be luckier than to have parents living here, by the sea, where the sky is permanently clear and the air breezy and repleneshing? So anyway, getting married on the island was a no-brainer. And even if we lost many (and I mean many!) nerves trying to organise it with small local service providers (from whom planning things several months in advance or simply answering emails was sometimes too much to ask), I would do it all over again and I warmly recommend it to people considering destination weddings in unusual places!


Church on the islet of Košljun

Our church of choice was a small catholic church on the islet of Košljun in the middle of the Punat Bay. Our wedding guests filled three big boats getting there, the same boats with which you can do an island cruise, with a music band entertaining guests on each. Mothers organised a lovely food and drink reception in the little port after the service and the local folklore group danced for us, as a traditional sign of gratitude to all former members of the group. In the summer, they normally perform twice or three times a week in different outdoor venues on the island of Krk – make sure you go and see them if you are around in summer.wedding_boats

Dinner and party

The dinner and the party took place in a large marquee in the middle of an olive grove, especially erected for the wedding. We got there just before sundown and the views over the Punat Bay and the island of Košljun from up there were magical! This is the place where you can do olive oil tastings during the summer months and order roasted lamb on warm summer evenings (on reservation only!). Of course we had šurlice for the warm starter, a traditional and a vegetarian version to satisfy all tastes, and a buffet of various local delicacies for the main course. We cheered with Žlahtina wine which you can try on our wine tasting tour– typical for celebrations on the island.


Each guest went home with an olive sapling. Grandma somehow ended up with four of them. They are now growing in England, Poland, Belgium, Slovakia (and of course in grandma’s garden) as a testiment of the force of our marriage and as a memory of that warm September day on the island of Krk.

Should you wish to have help organising your destination wedding on the island of Krk, contact us. We will be happy to help!

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