Best Beaches in Stara Baška by Car

Stara Baška inhabitants are called Krajani. Kraj– ani, because Stara Baška is also called Kraj which would in Croatian mean “end”. End to what? To every road on the island of Krk.

Well, we will reward those of you who read past the first paragraph with an insider guide into what is there to see beyond the end of all the Krk roads.

Stara Baska Town Beach

Pass through the whole town of Stara Baška. There will be some close calls when you will be sure your car will get scratched by other cars which are trying to squeeze passed you in the opposite direction. Behold! Soon you will feel the warmth of the stone and pebbles of a crystal clear Stara Baška sea. At the very end of the town, turn left towards several newly built houses, and you will soon arrive to a splendid natural beach where you can park in the bush nearby.

After that, be prepared for a narrow tarmac road with a fantastic panoramic view of the nearby islands such as Cres, Rab, Prvić and Grgur as a reward for your willingness to go a step further than others. Don’t be discouraged after the road turns into an unpaved road full of dust and holes. Keep on going and here is another beautiful beach – heaven waiting only for you!

If you want to see what all the instagram fuss is all about check out Oprna Beach. The most attractive and most famous beach – unique island beauty for which you have to suffer a little bit: you have to park in narrow street up on the hills, jump over the fence and walk down following goat trail but then…you have your Carribean in Stara Baška!

Oprna Beach Stara Baska

If you don’t like any of our car adventure suggestions, just park your car in the shade and book a boat tour which will save you a significant amount of stress and discomfort. You will enjoy a breeze on a boat trip while someone else is taking care of the parking, driving and planning. Also, some of the most intact beaches are accessible only by boat- don’t forget. Experience fantastic stone landscape and unique white beaches in a cocktail in your hand. Also, no worries of see urchins or feet- hurting- pebbles- just dive right into the sea from the boat!

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