Olive – the Mediterranean Queen

When driving towards Punat from the town of Krk, take the 2nd exit at the roundabout to Vrbnik and Baška. After cca 2km you will see on your right side a sign pointing towards the most attractive Olive Garden on the Island of Krk. Even though you’re rushing to get to your final destination, or this route wasn’t even in your plans, trust us – make a stop at this olive grove called Maslinik ULIKA and you won’t regret it!

We suppose everybody already knows that the Island of Krk is also called The Golden Island because of its golden drops of the most precious olive oil. Well, this particular olive grove is a young one but, nevertheless, thanks to its ‘’high-tech’’ olive oil processing technology, every year the top quality extra virgin olive oil is being produced.



Where Tradition meets ‘High-Tech’ production

The olive grove ‘ULIKA’ is a result of a strong tradition, knowledge and years and years of hard work the Family Bonifačić is putting into this trade. They’ve planted 8 autochthonous olive varieties like Debela, Plominka (also called ‘’sweet one’’), Rošulja, etc. due to their resistance to drought, pests and diseases which is highly important for getting the top quality extra virgin olive oil!

Unlike other countries where the olives are picked after they have fallen from the olive trees on the soil, here they do it differently. On the Island of Krk harvesting olive trees begins in late September through October when the olives are still on the trees. The olives must still be green, lightly streaked with red or yellow colour which are immediately taken to the oil refinery to start with processing technology. In this way they’re obtaining the top quality olive oil with organoleptic characteristics, full of nutrients and health benefits.

The secret of greatness of this oil also lies in the geographical position of this most northern Mediterranean island which enjoys the benefits of the continental and Mediterranean climate mixture.

Insider tip: book the Golden Drops of the Golden Island Excursion and hear all about the cultivation and processing of olives while tasting 3 types of olive oil to learn about the taste, aroma and applicability of oil on specially selected delicacies.


At the ‘ULIKA’ olive grove you can relax on the restaurant’s terrace with a spectacular view of the islet of Košljun and a stunning sunset over the Punat bay!

It’s a perfect spot for a peaceful and romantic evening while enjoying our traditional delicacies like an appetizer based on olives, Krk lamb under a baking bell with homemade bread, desserts and, of course, a glass of our autochthonous and unique top-quality wine called ‘Vrbnička Žlahtina’! Cheers!

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