One Name, Two Towns – Choose the Right Baška For You

You wanted to visit Baška, but as you reach the roundabout near the historical small church of Saint Donatus, you face a dilemma: first exit Stara Baška and second exit Baška! Which one is the right one? And, what does Stara mean? Stara means old, vecchia, alte. Although this is misleading. Baška was founded by Romans (at the time it was called Corinthia) and is almost a thousand years older than the “old” Stara Baška.

There are only two things  that the two towns have in common : firstly – the road leading to both of them is a dead end. And secondly –  both have one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk.

But, all similarity stops here: Baška is a famous tourist resort full of life and tourist facilities, known for its 1,3 km long beach in the centre of the town.

Baška town
Photo by Valter Stojšić / Baška Tourist Board 

Stara Baška, on the other hand, is a peaceful village of farmers and fishermen streched along a very narrow winding road overlooking steep cliffs that end in unique pebble beaches.  Stara Baška equals authentic peace and relaxation. There are only a few B&Bs and apartments, a few restaurants, the sun that shines powerfully, plenty of rocks and  fantastic natural beaches and the clearest sea.

Stara Baška Town
Photo by Luka Tabako / Punat Tourist Board 

The most beautiful beaches around Stara Baška are reachable only by boat.  Take a swimming cruise by boatand enjoy the pristine nature, white pebble beaches and the Carribbean- style sea colours. So, refresh in the boat bar, put on some sun screen and just jump into this beautiful blue water.

Or, rent a boat for half or a whole day with a skipper and enjoy full privacy and romantic moments!



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