Top 4 things to experience on the island of Krk

Is your vacation mode already on? I sure hope that maybe this year you decided to try out the biggest island in Croatia  – the Island of Krk also known as the Golden Island. And now it’s your turn to find out why! The locals are waiting for you just to show you their traditional way of life, to welcome you in their homes and to offer you the most exquisite dishes and local goods you’ve never tried before!


What is there to try that is 100% unique and fun in the same time?

So, let’s begin.. of course, there are numerous exciting boat and tailor made excursions you should try out but let us give you a quick insight of our top 4 choices.

Island North Adriatic Sailing Boat

Top 4 – Island Krk Beach Hopping

You have planned to visit all the cultural sights, gorgeous national parks and unique local gatherings in Croatia but you just want to relax first and forget about the real world? We feel ya’ 🙂

There’s absolutely no better way of relaxing and disconnecting from a real life than a private boat escape to the most beautiful, peaceful beaches and a sound of our crystal clear sea.

The great thing about this boat escape is that you’ll get your own personal skipper who knows all the best spots on this island and splendid beaches accessible only by boat where you can relax and enjoy fully! After this one, you’ll be fresh and ready for new and exciting adventures!!!

Top 3 – Fishing with a traditional trawler boat

Did you know you can actually get on a big trawler with local sailors and experience the authentic fishermen’s way of living?

The unique excursion called Night Fishing will give you an experience of your lifetime! There’s nowhere in Europe, and beyond, you could experience this traditional and super fun way of fishing.


Who doesn’t want to spend the night out on the sea and to enjoy a dinner of freshly caught fish under the starry summer sky? Above all of that you’ll get to experience the freedom and the adventure of a fisherman’s night while learning about traditional trawl fishing and various fish species of Adriatic.

So, get aboard, find your spot and prepare to be amazed!


Top 2 – Golden Drops Paradise

Island Krk is famous by this well deserved epithet ”golden” which indeed suits it.. almost every family on this island owns olive trees and puts their own home-made olive oil into every dish they make – it’s healthy, golden and delicious above all!

When heading towards Baška, from city of Krk, on your right side you’ll see a sign to the most attractive olive garden called ‘ULIKA’.  Here you can walk through this splendid olive grove, visit the oil rafinery and find out everything regarding the cultivation, harvesting and processing olives. You can also learn how to recognize the best extra virgin olive oil by tasting 3 different types of oil. After the tasting, we strongly suggest you to relax on the tavern ‘Ulika’s terrace, to try Krk’s lamb under the bell with other local delicacies prepared on extra virgin olive oil and to enjoy fully a spectacular view of the nearby islands and the sea. It’s worth it!


Top 1 – Wine Tales

Wine tasting can be found in numerous vineyards and regions over the Europe. And there’s some really good wine you can taste.. But! If you’re searching for more personal touch, you should definitely try ‘Wine Tales’ excursion held in Vrbnik, home of an autochthonous sort of the excuisite wine Vrbnička Žlahtina.


You won’t visit one winery and try a few of their wines! THREE wineries are to be visit and 9 different wines are waiting to be tasted – how about that? Top 3 local family wineries decided to keep top-quality wine in their cellars just for you! At each winery, the owner itself will let you in their life by explaining you everything there is to know about the cultivation and production of this unique and noble wine. There’s also exquisite local delicacies like prosciutto&cheese and traditional pasta with goulash that goes perfectly with all 9 types of wine – which you’ll be enjoying too, of course.

And that’s not all! Above all, you get a chaperon that escorts you through this amazing old town of Vrbnik revealing you its oldest secrets and stories..and your own personal driver to bring you safely back home 🙂

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Wouldn’t you agree that everything listed is really 100% unique and fun? Try it out and have the best vacation ever!!!

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