How to get the best local produce on the Island of Krk

Isn’t it awesome when you can eat fresh, local, organic goods and nothing else?
Did you know that even today, for most Croatian families, this is the only way of living? For daily preparation of traditional dishes locals only need to hop in their own gardens, local family farms or local markets – simple as that!

So, where can You find this natural treasure?

If you’re already in Croatia, that shouldn’t be a problem! In every part of Croatia, including the islands, you’ll find the best local products full of strong flavours, rich colours and intense aroma in almost every corner.

Since we are located on the Island of Krk, we have prepared a few insider tips to make your journey easier! So let’s begin!


#1 Golden olive oil drops as a Must have ingredient in local cuisine!

If you want to eat like a local, you need to start using Krk’s extra virgin olive oil in almost everything. Every restaurant, trattoria or local food stands offers you the opportunity to taste this natural, organic and 100% healthy liquid gold produced in local olive groves.

Not far away from Krk city you’ll find the youngest but most attractive olive grove on the Island of Krk where, not only you will learn everything about the cultivation and the whole process of producing this exceptional extra virgin olive oil, but you can also taste different kinds of olive oil. Above all of that, you should stay for dinner and enjoy this heavenly combination of authentic local goods like prosciutto & sheep cheese, traditional pasta called ‘šurlice’ and free-range Krk’s lamb based on this intense and flavourful liquid gold.


Fishing Scampi-local-produce

#2 Straight from the rich waters of the Adriatic

Among numerous boat excursions there is a unique and exclusive one which will absolutely amaze you! Have you ever wished for being in the open sea while fishing and simply enjoying the breath-taking sunset and gorgeous scenery around you? Now’s your chance!

There’s no fresher fish than the one caught and cleaned with your own hands! Take this whole or half day excursion where you will get to participate at real local and traditional fishing with a trawl net. Next to the experienced, knowledgeable captain and his sailors you will learn everything about local fish, shells, scampi and other local marine creatures, how to clean it and prepare it for your perfect sea-to-table meal! Immerse yourself into divine landscapes and enjoy fully this exquisite local seafood from our clear and rich Adriatic sea.


#3 Perfect Local Food and Wine Match

The Mediterranean climate, sea salt carried by the ‘bura’ wind and rich soil make the perfect fusion  when it comes to autochthonous and unique variety of white wine called ‘Vrbnička Žlahtina’.

Town of Vrbnik is the place to go for wine tasting! Its rich history, tradition and folklore will take you back in time. Enjoy this enchanting old town, its narrow streets, magnificent architecture and sprawling vineyards which are home of this renowned and fabulous wines.

Here you won’t find anything that is not local produce! Almost every family has its own small vineyard and a small shop in the house or winery where you can taste and buy all of their home-made delicacies like sheep or goat cheese, prosciutto, honey, fig products and above all, exquisite local top-quality wines kept in their cellars just for you.

So, this is definitely the place to visit and to sip a glass or two of this unique wine varieties which, when matched with a high-quality local ingredients, create nothing less than sensational dishes.

krk fair-local-products
Photo by Krk Tourist Board 

#4 When our Traditions and Folklor comes alive

8th – 10th August: days when the town of Krk transforms into a huge, magnificent stage!

Krk Fair aka Lovrečeva is the oldest traditional manifestation in the Northern Adriatic which takes place in the town of Krk since early 16th century. During Krk Fair the whole city turns into the Middle Ages! Music on every corner, Artisans, Knights walking down the streets, hand-made traditional tools, craft shops and many more is coming back to streets.

Of course, you will also enjoy traditional delicacies made by small local producers whose delightful products cannot be found in supermarkets. They all will kindly offer you to taste all the goods before buying so that you can know for sure you’re getting a pure delight!

This way you’ll get a different angle and a good insight to the local cuisine, folklor and tradition in the same time. Don’t forget that glass of wine from island of Krk to nurture your soul, mind and big Croatian heart! See you around 🙂



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