4 Things To Do in the City of Krk

Yes, the city of Krk will be crowded. Yes, sometimes it will take you 2o minutes to walk a 20 metres distance during the warm summer nights. And yes, it can get annoying waiting for a table to free up so you can have dinner in the middle of a tourist season. However, we are bringing you tips from locals on how to avoid crowds in the city of Krk next time you visit and how to make the most of your stay in the town.

1. Find the hidden bar Sotobaterije right below the city walls

The city walls of Krk are a testament to the three millennia of rich history, from the great Roman history, rule of the Frankopan family and the Venetians, Austria-Hungary Empire and Italy, until the present day.  You can best enjoy the city walls by drinking a cold beer in the bar below the square “Kamplin” right below them. It is a corner of the city, which crowds don’t really know and best place to enjoy romantically the city walls and closeness to the sea.

2. Discover the Roman Baths at the bar “Mate”

A great deal of City of Krk monuments, such as the cathedral, has been built over the remains of Roman baths from the 1st century. If you find yourself on the main square of the City, take a winding alley called Ribarska towards the south and stop to visit Café Mate. The café might not look so appealing and inviting, however you will not regret the visit. The owner of the bar will be happy to show you the mosaic floor he came across while digging to enlarge his basement. The mosaic is from 1st century and showcasts a sea feast with mythological deity Triton, son of Poseidon, with a human body and a fish tail. The mosaic was most probably the floor of the thermae in a luxurious private building. Ask the owner to tell you the full story about the discovery of the mosaic floor and to give you a full explanation of the mosaic.

3. Experience live music in Volsonis Summer Garden

Volsonis Bar has a somewhat similar story to Mate. The owners of the house wanted to dig a cellar and unintentionally caused some earth to fall which revealed a wall dating back to 4th century A.D., made of Krk’s temple of Venus. 850 trucks of earth and stones later, in the  excavations which followed, the owners found numerous tombstones, altars and roman remains including the altar of Venus, the goddess of love which cannot be found anywhere else on the Adriatic coast. Check out their summer garden, and make sure to go there when there is live band music. Surrounded by candle lights and roman remains while listening to live band playing is an ultimate Krk experience.

City Krk Boat

4. Take a boat trip to explore the city walls from the seaside 

Book a boat cruise and treat yourself to an astonishing view of Krk from the seaside. On the seaward side, you can see the town walls and stone Castle built by the Frankopan dukes as a military fortress to defend the town from attacks from the sea. The boat cruise will also take you to explore the surrounding islets such as the island of Plavnik, which is known as the island of thousands of sheep, griffon vultures and a hunting ground for fallow deer. The cruise will also take you to the islet with the largest colony of seagulls in north Adriatic. During the swimming season, the cruise stops in bays accessible only by boat for a swim.

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