Košljun – Gem of Nature on the Island of Krk

There is no school in Croatia that wasn’t at least once a special guest of this Croatian gem of nature – the astonishing islet Košljun and its Franciscan monastery on the Island of Krk.

Islet of Košljun is situated in protected bay of Punat, between towns of Krk and Baška, where you can also find the biggest Marina in Croatia, that is a touristic port known as ‘Marina Punat’.

Once you get to Punat, a somewhat short but pleasant boat ride will connect you immediately to the islet of Košljun and all of its hidden gems.


Košljun as a hidden gem

This islet has been here since classical era but today it’s known for its Franciscan monastery and 4 remarkable museums. Thanks to the monks and a few locals, today we can find various traditional and historical items from all over the island of Krk and beyond.

For example, at Ethnographic museum you’ll get to see a really memorable collection of traditional clothing and historical items used by local fishermen or peasants on daily basis. It gives you a perfect insights into customs and traditional living of locals on the Island of Krk.
For tourists, the most interesting is usually the numismatic collection where they like to search for currency of their own country. On the other hand, kids find nothing more exciting and fun than seeing all the stuffed animals like a lamb with two heads or with one eye and the Boa snake from Costa-Rica. To tell the truth, there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Next to the Ethnographic museum you can also find Archaeological Museum, Sacral Museum and Natural History Department where many types of corals from this area are displayed. Here you will also find fossils, birds, fish and more than 400 different species of plants which can still be found on this islet.


kosljun-ethnographic museum

Well, the entire complex of the Franciscan monastery, its atrium, small cemetery and numerous small churches throughout the park are truly admirable.
You can go for a walk in this mesmerizing park and get lost in its perfect silence and true nature.

So, as we like to say – Be at peace and breathe in the healthy marine aerosol, relax fully and simply enjoy the experience!

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