Top 4 Beaches on the Island of Krk

Island of Krk is mostly famous for its crystal-clear blue sea, stunning pebble beaches and breathtaking scenery! And in this case, let us suggest you our top 4 beaches which are a must-see while on vacation on our Krk Island:

1. Golden Bay

One of the most gorgeous beaches on the southern part of the Krk Island which you can reach only by boat!
Because of the golden color of extremely vertical cliffs above the beach, this dreamy pebble beach has become the most favourite spot for all of our swimmers and beach lovers.

Swimming and snorkeling in this crystal clear sea is something you don’t want to miss out! So, come aboard and let us show you this mesmerizing cost and beaches of the island of Krk!


2. Vela Luka Beach

Like almost every breathtaking beach around the Adriatic cost, also this one is not accessible by car. But, this one, though, you can reach not only by a boat but also by foot due to its vicinity (ca. 6km) to Baška town.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to be taken on a boat cruise and experience something completely unique before enjoying at this absolutely stunning beach, we suggest you to join us on our one-of-a-kind Daily Fishing Tour.

After a short demonstration of traditional way of fishing, you’ll get to enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood prepared in front of you on the boat.

Afterwards, a visit to a fishermen museum and local taverna is something you don’t want to miss out while spending your time at this remarkable pebble beach.

3. Vela plaža Beach

‘Vela plaža’ is the most famous beach on the Island of Krk thanks to its length of nearly 2 kilometers. It’s situated in Baška town which means you can easily reach it by car or any other kind of transportation.

Due to its crystal clear sea, cleanliness and pleasent environment, Vela plaža was awarded the Blue Flag which in Croatian standards marks top quality beaches.

Here you’ll find numerous types of entertainment like water slides, jet-ski and parasol rentals, wide range of beach bars and many more which will make your stay as memorable as it gets.

dog beach mala javna vrbnik

4. Dog Beaches

There are some beaches on the Island of Krk where you can also bring your furry loved ones which will enjoy fully turquoise sea and clean pebble beaches next to you!

Here are some of them:

Mala Krasa – in Punat town, near Punta Debilj Beach

Kijac – ca. 200 meters from the main beach in Kijac village, near town of Njivice

Mala Javna – in Vrbnik, town of our most famous ‘Žlahtina’ white wine

Redagara – ca. 50 meters from the main beach in historic town of Krk

All of this beaches are accessible by car, very private and surrounded by pine forest which makes them a perfect choice for everyone out there looking for clean sea, peace & quiet!

Swimming in the crystal-clear Adriatic sea and playing on the warm pebble beaches is an experience your doggy companions will simply adore!

So, do not miss the opportunity to visit this beaches and Have Fun!



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