Best Beaches in Stara Baška by Car

Stara Baska Beach

Stara Baška inhabitants are called Krajani. Kraj- ani, because Stara Baška is also called Kraj which would in Croatian mean “end”. End to what? To every road on the island of Krk.

Well, we will reward those of you who read past the first paragraph with an insider guide into what is there to see beyond the end of all the Krk roads.

Pass through the...

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Top 5 Dog Beaches on Island Krk


We all want to take our furry loved ones on vacation with us. After all, eating treats and getting belly rubs is hard work! To keep the beaches clean and simply because some people, inexplicably, aren’t animal lovers, most beaches on Island Krk, and through all of Croatia, are restricted to pets. Violating said restrictions may result in a hefty fine, especially during the busy summer...

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Top 5 Beaches on the Island of Krk


They are different, sometimes wild, sometimes urban or with benefits for health. The beaches of the Island of Krk are most welcoming points of interest on the island and each has a story of its own: rocky or pebbly, sandy or muddy, urban or hidden. Different, attractive, inviting, white yet blue. Ideal for picnic or fishing, snorkeling or diving, boat riding, sunbathing or sun burning, for...

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Baška – Top Things to Experience


Baška is a symbol of tourism on the island of Krk and a symbol for beautiful beaches in Croatia.  It is the most famous tourist destination on the island of Krk, but it is also one of the most desirable tourist destinations of the Croatian Adriatic.

Photo by Damir Jevtić / Baška Tourist Board 

Baška tablet, Oldest...

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