Goli otok – Abandoned Croatian Alcatraz

Goli otok is located at the foot of the tall peaks of the Velebit mountain between the two most popular tourist islands Krk and Rab. Right next to Goli otok is the island of Grgur – a former prison for women. In former Yugoslavia Goli otok was a prison for men, political prisoners, and later criminals. The island was abandoned in 1989 and has been open to visitors ever since.

The island was a big secret to everyone. The truth about many prisoners being subjected to torture started to emerge only in the 90s. The ride to the island is very attractive with the unique scenery of the island of Krk on the one side and the distant mountains on the other. The island tour includes a visit to the former cinema and prison facilities. Along with swimming, you can have a meal in the only restaurant on the island.


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Goli otok – Top tips

Things to see and experience

  • Go on a one-day boat excursion from Punat or Krk – unique vistas and landscapes, beautiful swimming locations
  • A trip to the island can be combined with a visit to Baška, the settlement on the island of Krk with the most developed tourist offer and the most beautiful beach on the island.
  • Combine a one-day boat excursion from Punat or Krk with a visit to the island of Grgur.
  • Organise lunch on the islands of Grgur or Goli otok at a price starting at 10 EUR.

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