Perfect summer experience for the whole family!

You would think that sunbathing, sipping cocktails or even reading books next to your children is simply mission impossible.. But last summer my family and I actually experienced something completely different!

Since we booked our accommodation in Punat, on the Island of Krk, we were looking for a full day excursion where the whole family can enjoy. It was really hot in August and we decided to go on the Swimming Cruise Excursion with the boat Lenica. At first, as a mom to 3 young kids, I was worried on how will they handle the whole day on one boat, in one single spot, but they loved it! They were amazed with the whole excursion from the first minute they came on the boat and met our boat’s Captain and his friendly sailors till the point they were allowed to jump from the boat into the crystal clear sea without any worry of hurting themselves or other passengers.

We stopped for swimming at 2 most gorgeous pebbled beaches on the Krk island’s coast and 1 in the hidden bay of islet Plavnik. All three times were super fun and really interesting for my kids. You can imagine the look on their faces when sailors gave them masks, flops and other equipment for snorkelling. The sea around island of Krk is really clear and not cold so they could enjoy the underwater life and to stay in the sea for almost a whole hour! They were simply thrilled with all kinds of small colourful fishes and sea urchins they could spot near our boat!
If your children don’t like to be in the water as much as ours did, don’t worry about them being bored or cranky. For the whole time the crew was so entertaining and at some point they even brought to kids paper and colouring kit!

And in the meantime, while my kids were having fun on their own, we were able to sip cocktails in peace and read magazines or admire breath-taking scenery of surrounding islands and enchanting turquoise sea.

The highlight of the whole excursion was definitely when we’ve reached the small island where only seagulls live. The crew handed us bread and with their help we all got the chance to feed the seagulls which were flying alongside our boat. It was definitely the most exciting moment for our children who couldn’t stop talking about it for days 🙂

There’s usually a chance for dolphins to appear during this excursion and to play near the boat but we weren’t that lucky this time..  Next Summer we’ll try it again for sure!

So, don’t miss out this unforgettable tour and enchanting moments just because your kids aren’t old enough. Try it out when on the island of Krk and you’ll see that even your little ones will love it!

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Mary Petersen
guest from Denmark


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