Ostrvica – Everyday Things with an Intriguing Story

ostrvica_local detail on the house

Walking down the streets of the Island of Krk simply cannot be dull! You’ll likely to bump into stone structures which at first look intriguing and beautiful, when in fact they were very important tools used in every-day life, years and years ago.

Remember that stone container Kamenica full of flowers which you can see in almost every old part of the towns on the...

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Goli otok – Abandoned Croatian Alcatraz


Goli otok is located at the foot of the tall peaks of the Velebit mountain between the two most popular tourist islands Krk and Rab. Right next to Goli otok is the island of Grgur – a former prison for women. In former Yugoslavia Goli otok was a prison for men, political prisoners, and later criminals. The island was abandoned in 1989 and has been open to visitors ever since.

The island...

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Baška – Top Things to Experience


Baška is a symbol of tourism on the island of Krk and a symbol for beautiful beaches in Croatia.  It is the most famous tourist destination on the island of Krk, but it is also one of the most desirable tourist destinations of the Croatian Adriatic.

Photo by Damir Jevtić / Baška Tourist Board 

Baška tablet, Oldest...

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Kosljun – a must see island

Kosljun Island

Why is Kosljun (Košljun) a must-see when staying on the island of Krk? This unique islet of Kosljun is a true nature reserve of various plants and represents a real cultural pearl of Kvarner with its 4 museums and church. Take a stroll on this beautiful islet and breathe in the essential oils of laurel and over 400 other Mediterranean plants and 100 species of mushrooms which grow...

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