How to get the best out of the late season?

The best things happen in late season! Especially when you find yourself on one of the Croatian islands, where intact nature and local treasures are more vivid than ever!

Treat your taste buds!

There is no better tip than this one.. Croatian cuisine is remarkably unique and just glorious!

Look for family-run local restaurants or konobas (Croatian tavernas). These are the places where you can truly feel the country you’re visiting, its heart and soul. In the late season, locals will have more free time to spend with you, since it is not that busy anymore. They will  introduce you to their own way of life and to offer you their best homemade products. Prosciutto, sheep cheese, honey, figs, all sorts of homemade brandies, and much much more – you name it! Everything is just delicious and, above all, genuine and authentic produce you just can’t get enough of!

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Žlahtina Wine Vrbnik

Croatian delicacies and fine wine!

Wine harvest season starts in September and this time of year is just perfect if you’d like to check out one of the greatest wineries on the island of Krk, its cellars and vineyards. And, since you’re already there, wine tasting is something you just cannot miss out on! From only one type of grape, Žlahtina to be more precise, the local wineries produce more than 15 varieties of white wine, rosé or even sweet dessert wine. All of this magic happens in somewhat small but enchanted old town named Vrbnik with the most astonishing, breathtaking scenic views, picturesque chapels and charming narrow paths.

While immersing yourself into delightful homemade products like prosciutto and cheese or authentic pasta with goulash, you’ll get the opportunity to listen to all of the local stories and to taste 3 to 4 different wine varieties at each winery!!! Treat yourself and join us at our Wine Tales Excursion!

Outdoors fun!

And we don’t mean beaches..

Thanks to our Mediterranean climate, the off-season is still warm enough for a fantastic outdoor adventure holiday! There are still a lot of fun options for exploring our stunning coast and crystal-clear sea of Krk Island. Therefore, we invite you to spend an exciting vacation on our island with activities like windsurfing, diving, biking, zip-lining or even simple walking through charming towns where you’ll get the chance to mingle with the locals.

So, bring out the adventurer in you and leave relaxing on the beach for some other time!

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