Olive Oil and Olive Picking on Krk

It is a very important time of the year on the Island of Krk! Almost every family in the area of Punat Baška, Vrbnik, Malinska and beyond is picking olives for extra virgin olive oil production.

Olive Krk

Olive picking season on the island?

Most of the families own at least a dozen of olive trees and produce olive oil for their personal use. The families get together on the weekends, prepare food and drink for staying the whole day in nature, take the tools and go! Sometimes the olive trees are not accessable by car, so the activity can involve some serious walking. The families pick olives by hand, although the bigger producers use machines which shake the trees and make olives fall on the ground. The trees are normally picked by hand and dropped to the ground, on a sheet/blanket called ponjava after which olives are split from bigger leaves and twigs and put in bags, which are then brought to the mill.

olive picking krk

Where to see olive mills?

There are olive mills in Punat and Krk which you can visit. We recommend a visit to Ulika Maslinik– where you can see the whole process of olive oil production and buy some locally produced olive oil. There is an opportunity of olive oil tasting with dinner in the same olive grove with a splendid view, so make sure you check out that one too!

The olives will be brought to a mill by families, weighted and than all the olives are processed together. Larger producers with more than 500 kilos of olives can process their own olives. Every 11 or 12 kilos should give a litre of extra virgin olive oil. Should you wish to purchase a litre of extra virgin olive oil, be aware it should cost between 70 and 100 kuna.



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