Romantic Night Fishing Getaway on the Island of Krk

There are a lot of ways to enjoy breath-taking landscapes of the Island of Krk and its surroundings. We were mainly experiencing it on bike or through hiking trails which, for us, is a perfect way of spending an active holiday. But for our last night on this island we wanted to try something more traditional, more of a local way of life.

And we did! Thanks to our friend’s recommendation,...

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Best Wines on the Island of Krk


Poetry in the glass? We could definitely call it this way!

Traditional top quality wine that’s being produced on the island of Krk with such a passion and sacrifice for generations, simply deserves this romantic description - poetry in the glass!

Charming little town of Vrbnik nurtures numerous hardworking local families...

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Top Adventure Experiences on Island of Krk

late season

Thrills and excitement are your thing? We feel ya :)

Here are some ideas for adventure experiences which could come handy during your vacation on island of Krk:

Zip Lining

Mesmerizing forest canopy on the island of Krk should be on your bucket list!

As a growing trend in Europe, this kind of experience where you get that feeling of complete freedom while 'flying' through the...

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Olive Oil and Olive Picking on Krk


It is a very important time of the year on the Island of Krk! Almost every family in the area of Punat Baška, Vrbnik, Malinska and beyond is picking olives for extra virgin olive oil production.

Olive picking season on the island?

Most of the families own at least a dozen of olive trees and produce olive oil for their personal use. The families get together on the weekends,...

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How to get the best out of the late season?

late season

The best things happen in late season! Especially when you find yourself on one of the Croatian islands, where intact nature and local treasures are more vivid than ever!

Treat your taste buds!

There is no better tip than this one.. Croatian cuisine is remarkably unique and just glorious!

Look for family-run local restaurants or konobas (Croatian tavernas). These are the...

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Top 4 things to experience on the island of Krk


Is your vacation mode already on? I sure hope that maybe this year you decided to try out the biggest island in Croatia  – the Island of Krk also known as the Golden Island. And now it's your turn to find out why! The locals are waiting for you just to show you their traditional way of life, to welcome you in their homes and to offer you the most exquisite dishes and local goods you've...

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Windsurfing on the Island of Krk

Windsurfing Krk

Island of Krk is often cited as one of the top destinations for windsurfing in Croatia. The island gets the northern to north-eastern wind Bora from the mountain range Velebit (on the mainland) and the southern/ southern-east wind Jugo which often comes accompanied with rainy weather. The wind Bora blows in strong “hits”, while wind Jugo blows more constantly in the area.


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Islands of Northern Adriatic by boat

Island North Adriatic Sailing Boat

It is no longer a secret that the Croatian islands are remarkable. But what is astonishing is that even locals like ourselves, born and raised on one of them, can be completely smitten by them.  During the windy winters, it’s easy to forget in your warm island cocoon what else is out there, but then the summer comes and with it the time for boating, exploring, sailing, venturing into the...

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Our Olive-themed Island of Krk Wedding


I have to say upfront that this was not a destination wedding. Yet it felt like one. Our families are among the 17000 people living on the island of Krk and although we live abroad, we keep very close ties to the island. Could we be luckier than to have parents living here, by the sea, where the sky is permanently clear and the air breezy and repleneshing? So anyway, getting married on the...

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